MWNA Council have approved a change to the umpiring system this year and has introduced a Club Allocated System.  This means that our Club will be doing its own umpire roster for the season. We will need to provide 1 Curl Curl Sports umpire for every Curl Curl Sports game along with having some standby umpires available at each timeslot.

The roster will be drafted in a couple of weeks time with the first 2 rounds ready by Game 1 and the remainder available after game 2.  Each team will be asked to provide umpires each week.  We are hoping to have a pool of experienced and appropriately skilled umpires available for teams to call upon if they are unable to fill their allocated duty.

As this is a system where we will be umpiring our own teams, we are expecting that all allocated teams and umpires will fulfil their duty as any "no shows" will be penalised as per our Umpire Your Own Policy.  You will be letting down your fellow Club mates.

We have devised an Umpire Your Own Policy for you all which is available on our website for you to read carefully.  However, just a couple of important things to note:

1. All umpires still need to arrive at their dedicated court at least 15 minutes prior to the game
2. All umpires will need to wear a distinctive bib or white Tshirt over their Club playing uniform or wear umpiring whites.  This is as per MWNA By Laws.
3. There will be no check in.  All umpires to go direct to their allocated court and arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.  They will check in with the Team Management
4. If any umpire is unable to fulfill their duty they must arrange a suitable replacement.  Contact with your team manager is important at all times.
5. Penalties will be applied to any umpire that doesn't fulfil their duty.
6. Any team that doesn't have an umpire provided will have to provide a suitably registered and skilled umpire to do the duty.  This may mean that some teams may need to have a back up umpire within their own team structure or use a player from their team.  We are hoping that this is not necessary and all our umpires will fulfil their duty or ensure that someone else does fulfil their duty.
7. All umpires will umpire the whole game.
8. Forfeits can be claimed after 1 minute if any team is unable to provide an umpire.



The Registrations for our teams are now closed.  However, we are accepting late registrations for approved players.  Any queries please email

We are looking for players in the following divisions:

Cadets divisions, AR1 (Seniors), C3 (Seniors)



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